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The founder of Wing Cars, still looking like she only recently began to draw her pension, thereby totally belying her years. Recently had a Nokia earpiece grafted to her ear, and is now able to hold 3 telephone conversations while simultaneously doing the accounts and driving from Heathrow. 
The heir to the throne and baby of the team, Justin is also the boss’ nephew, so absolutely no favouritism there. Justin is an avid writer of literature and has proudly had several tons of his publications seized by the vice squad. 
Our resident masochist, the worse we treat him the happier he is...so feel free to abuse him! An expert gardener and steel fixer and amateur taxi driver, his long suffering wife keeps changing her shifts so she can avoid him and get some peace, only problem is Phil keeps changing his to match hers. Sorry Ruth! 
We can forgive him for being from Leighton as he has 6 fingers on one hand and webbed feet so we think he will adjust perfectly to working within the village communities! He is much younger than most of our team, not that you would notice from this picture, and says that when he grows up he wants to be a spaceman. 
Jason left behind the bright lights and class of the Kings Road to try and better his social standing here at Wing Cars so he could finally step out of the shadow of his brother (not that he is famous, he is just really big!) 
Justin met Adrian in the days when he had brown hair and white teeth. Now he has brown teeth and white hair. 
Known as a man of immaculate judgement, Ian turned down the original role of James Bond, saying it would never last, thereby giving Shaun Connery his big break. Still hoping to make the big time, Ian can often be seen busking outside Leighton Buzzard station. 
Former Bond girl Liz has like all of Wing Cars drivers been with the company for several years, having met Bridget some time ago when they met in the queue for to collect pensions. Liz likes to keep up her image, and can often be seen jetting off to such celebrity getaways as Dunstable. 
Paul is known locally as Ton Up, which is a play on his surname, not because he looks 100. A man with a dual purpose in life he is often mistaken for a coat stand due to his slender frame and the regular wearing of a hat normally only left behind at fancy dress parties. 
Donna has issued direct instructions not to be referred to here (or anywhere else) as the Fat Controller, but as is the norm at Wing Cars no one listens to her requests. A stickler for presentation (but not her own) she is our uniform supervisor and is imposing fines to all non compliant drivers (proceeds to our charity of the year....so grassing up drivers is encouraged!) 
Having previously worked in IT Alan thought he was IT when he joined Wing Cars. 
Mark has lived in Wing for 15 years and has moved 3 times, desperately trying to find a street where he is accepted as a local. Only 3 generations to go! His area of expertise is advice.....on cake baking. 
Alice Head of Security 
Alice, known affectionately as 'yappy little git' is actually not a driver, but Wing Cars head of security. Paranoid Alice appears to be stocking up for the apocalypse, as her food stock can often be found scattered around the room. 
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