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Wing Cars was established in 1986 as a 1 car (shabby) 1 Driver (shabbier) part time hobby offering a convenient service to the local community. Our first car was a wonderful Renault 16 TS, Kindly donated by a close friend of our founder. The picture shown is not the original car, although in a very similar condition! The original model was in a much more acceptable shade of metallic (no less) blue. 
From the French influence we quickly moved east to join in with the high quality late 1970's Japanese luxury car. In our case a magnificent and rare Toyota Cressida Estate, which in reverse to the Renault came in green, not yellow as shown in the picture. 
With the increase in boot space, this enabled Wing Cars to move up to taking whole families, therefore increasing our customer base by 400%! Due to the poor choice of colour by the original purchaser, the Cressida was quickly hand-painted in a tasteful shade of black. The picture on the right was an early image of how we transported our customers.....we have improved! 
After a few years in the wilderness of Rovers, Volvos, Audi and VW we decided in 2010 to do something that we never dreamed possible when we started the business all those years ago and added 2 Mercedes E class estate to the fleet. 
Never one to let the grass grow under her feet Bridget made a bold decision…the future was not Orange, it was actually Mercedes (for Wing Cars at least). In 2013 we achieved an all Mercedes Benz fleet which is the intention moving forward. Still think the Renault should have never been retired though... 
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